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    India threatens to blacklist Amazon officials for selling doormats showing its flag


    Bite Out of Sandwich Leads to SWAT Standoff, Attempted Murder Charge


    Naked Man Goes on Bizarre Rampage Inside Seattle Parking Garage


    Customs Detects Over One Ton of Marijuana Disguised as Carrots

    Sarasota County Sheriff's Office

    Elderly man behind bars for hitting salesman with a golf club during car sale event

    cuffs ICE photo breaking

    Police Arrest Man Who Damaged Church with Golf Club, Rammed Police Cars


    Homeowner Wins Fistfight Against Would-Be Robber


    Man Takes Nap On Houston Freeway

    (Photo credit: Oregon Live)

    Car Thief Foiled By Police, Nap, Power Door Locks


    Fearing yet another witch hunt, Reddit bans ‘Pizzagate’

    Photo source: Jacksonville.com

    Couple accused of having sex in McDonald’s parking lot as 6-year-old watched


    WATCH: Man gets naked, burglarizes pizza restaurant in Maryland


    ‘I voted for Trump! You lost!’: White Starbucks customer accuses barista of ‘discrimination’


    ISIS is now deploying tanks made of wood

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    On this day in Earthquake History. Northridge, CA 1/17/94 – M 6.7

    [Rhode Island State Police]

    Rhode Island Sisters Kidnapped in 1985 Found Alive in Houston


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  • Nigerian military jet mistakenly bombs refugee camp, kills more than 100

    Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Says US Tried to Recruit Diplomats

    WATCH: Officer Saves Woman And Her Elderly Mother From Burning Car

    Congress poised to undo key regulations soon after inauguration

    Nearly 40 Democratic lawmakers now skipping Trump’s inauguration

    Astronaut Gene Cernan was the last man on the moon – and ‘he wasn’t happy about that’

    Search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 finally called off with mystery unsolved

    Captured suspect in Istanbul nightclub attack linked to ISIS, says Turkey

    Trump said to meet Boeing chief again over Air Force One

    CIA director says Trump crossed ‘the line’

    Chinese president Xi Jinping warns, ‘No… winner in a trade war’