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  • A veteran who says he was carrying a concealed weapon on the UCC campus Thursday when 26-year-old Christopher Harper Mercer went on a murderous rampage, says he didn’t intervene because he was told to get into a classroom.

    Student with Concealed Gun at Oregon College Was Told To “Get Into a Room”

    Oh boy, Geraldo Rivera dropped some fantastic gun knowledge when he debated Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. on Hannity Tuesday night. (Scroll down for video)

    Geraldo: Oregon Killer Had ARs, AMs & One of Those Glocks With Two Magazines


    Person Shot Every 2.8 Hours In Chicago Leaving Total Of 2,349 Shootings This Year

    On Friday, October 9, the President will travel to Roseburg, Oregon, to visit privately with families of victims of the shooting. Further details about the President's travel to Oregon will be made available in the coming days," a White House official told CNN.

    Pres. Obama To Visit Roseburg, Oregon Following Mass Shooting

    Hillary Clinton laid out her plan to tackle the gun violence problem in America Monday.

    Hillary Clinton Unveils Plan for Major New Gun Restrictions

    STL County PD

    21-Month-Old Child Shot & Killed In St. Louis

    Mac-11 Machine Pistol

    NYPD Cops Recover Mac-11 ‘Machine Pistol’ From Crack Dealer

    Gresham, Ore. - An ongoing investigation, which started nearly three weeks ago, identified six juvenile sexual abuse victims and led to yesterday's arrest of Gresham resident Wyatt Ross DeRemer.

    Chicago Teen Charged as Adult After Fatally Shooting Man In Car

    Three people were wounded in a stabbing near a Ventura middle school Sunday, police

    Homeowner Shoots Intruders, Killing 1

    Jacksonville Beach Police

    12-Year-Old Arrested In Armed Robbery, Groping

    NYPD News

    Cops In Brooklyn Recover Arsenal Of Weapons


    Louisiana Cop Killer Has Been CAPTURED

    Grover Cannon

    Manhunt on For Shreveport Cop Killer

    Vincente David Montano

    Gunman Killed by SWAT at Showing of ‘Mad Max’ In Nashville

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    On this day in Earthquake History. Northridge, CA 1/17/94 – M 6.7

    [Rhode Island State Police]

    Rhode Island Sisters Kidnapped in 1985 Found Alive in Houston


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  • Nigerian military jet mistakenly bombs refugee camp, kills more than 100

    Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Says US Tried to Recruit Diplomats

    WATCH: Officer Saves Woman And Her Elderly Mother From Burning Car

    Congress poised to undo key regulations soon after inauguration

    Nearly 40 Democratic lawmakers now skipping Trump’s inauguration

    Astronaut Gene Cernan was the last man on the moon – and ‘he wasn’t happy about that’

    Search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 finally called off with mystery unsolved

    Captured suspect in Istanbul nightclub attack linked to ISIS, says Turkey

    Trump said to meet Boeing chief again over Air Force One

    CIA director says Trump crossed ‘the line’

    Chinese president Xi Jinping warns, ‘No… winner in a trade war’