Obama Filmed BuzzFeed Video Same Day ISIS Hostage, Kayla Mueller, Was Confirmed Dead


According to reports, President Obama filmed the video the same day the White House confirmed the death of ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller.

The funny video has been viewed more than 15 Million times.


The video from Buzzfeed features things that millennials might do in their spare time yet don’t really talk about, like posing in front of the mirror, taking “selfies” and acting out the winning shot of a basketball game.

But the president sneaks in a reference to the Affordable Care Act and the Feb. 15 deadline to get covered. Talking to himself in the mirror, he practices his pitch and struggles with the awkward first “r” in “February.”

“In many cases, you can get health insurance for less than $100 a month,” he says. “Just go to HealthCare.gov to figure out how to sign up.”

Last year, Mr. Obama sat down with actor Zach Galifianakis to trade jokes on “Between Two Ferns,” a comedic send-up of public cable-access shows onFunnyorDie.com.

The administration said the pitch paid off ahead of a mid-March deadline to sign up for 2014 coverage, highlighting Obamacare options among crucial young enrollees who tend to do things at the last minute.

(Tom Howell Jr. — The Washington Times)

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