January 27, 2014 | 5:33 PM

States Sending Athletes to The Winter Olympics In Sochi

January 27, 2014 | 5:33 PM
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Team USA will consist of 230 athletes (105 women, 125 men), with California sending the most Olympians (20). Colorado and Minnesota will each send 19 with New York sending 18. Here’s a look at the state-by-state breakdown:

Alaska (4)
Holly Brooks Skiing – Cross-Country
Kikkan Randall Skiing – Cross-Country
Jessica Schultz, Curling
Ryan Stassel, Snowboarding

Arizona (1)
Lyndsey Fry, Ice Hockey

California (20)
Jamie Anderson, Snowboarding
Maddie Bowman, Skiing – Freestyle
Greg Bretz, Snowboarding
Cory Butner, Bobsled
Stacey Cook, Skiing – Alpine
Nick Cunningham, Bobsled
Polina Edmunds, Figure Skating
Travis Ganong, Skiing – Alpine
Gracie Gold, Figure Skating
Kate Hansen, Luge
Nate Holland, Snowboarding
Trevor Jacob, Snowboarding
Julia Mancuso, Skiing – Alpine
Brita Sigourney, Skiing – Freestyle
Marco Sullivan, Skiing – Alpine
John Teller, Skiing – Freestyle
Hannah Teter, Snowboarding
Shaun White, Snowboarding
David Wise, Skiing – Freestyle
Madison Chock, Figure Skating

Colorado (19)
Jeremy Abbott, Figure Skating
Lanny Barnes, Biathlon
Aaron Blunck, Skiing – Freestyle
Bobby Brown, Skiing – Freestyle
David Chodounsky, Skiing – Alpine
Lyman Currier, Skiing – Freestyle
Bryan Fletcher, Nordic Combined
Taylor Fletcher, Nordic Combined
Arielle Gold, Snowboarding
Taylor Gold, Snowboarding
Simi Hamilton, Skiing – Cross-Country
Keri Herman, Skiing – Freestyle
Noah Hoffman, Skiing – Cross-Country
Gus Kenworthy, Skiing – Freestyle 5-10
Heidi Kloser, Skiing – Freestyle
Justin Reiter, Snowboarding
Mikaela Shiffrin, Skiing – Alpine
Torin Yater-Wallace, Skiing – Freestyle
Todd Lodwick, Nordic Combined

Connecticut (8)
Mac Bohonnon, Skiing – Freestyle
Julie Chu, Ice Hockey
Lindsey Jacobellis, Snowboarding
Eliza Outtrim, Skiing – Freestyle
Max Pacioretty, Ice Hockey
Jonathan Quick, Ice Hockey
Kevin Shattenkirk, Ice Hockey
Tucker West, Luge

Florida (3)
Eddy Alvarez, Speedskating – Short Track
Brittany Bowe, Speedskating – Long Track
Joey Mantia, Speedskating – Long Track

Georgia (2)
Kyle Carr, Speedskating – Short Track
Elana Meyers, Bobsled
Kaitlyn Farrington, Snowboarding
Erik Fisher, Skiing – Alpine
Jessika Jensen, Snowboarding
Hilary Knight, Ice Hockey
Sara Studebaker, Biathlon

Illinois (10)
Megan Bozek, Ice Hockey
Jason Brown, Figure Skating
Kendall Coyne, Ice Hockey
Shani Davis, Speedskating – Long Track
Aja Evans, Bobsled
Brian Hansen, Speedskating – Long Track
Jonathan Kuck, Speedskating – Long Track
Emery Lehman, Speedskating – Long Track
Patrick Meek, Speedskating – Long Track
Ann Swisshelm, Curling

Indiana (1)
Nick Goepper, Skiing – Freestyle

Iowa (1)
Lolo Jones, Bobsled

Kansas (1)
Katie Uhlaender, Skeleton

Kentucky (1)
Dallas Robinson, Bobsled

Maine (1)
Russell Currier, Biathlon

Massachusetts (10)
Kacey Bellamy, Ice Hockey
John Carlson, Ice Hockey
Alex Carpenter, Ice Hockey
Emily Cook, Skiing – Freestyle
Annalisa Drew, Skiing – Freestyle
Meghan Duggan, Ice Hockey
Steve Langton, Bobsled
Michelle Picard, Ice Hockey
Molly Schaus, Ice Hockey
Simon Shnapir, Figure Skating

Michigan (13)
Evan Bates, Figure Skating
Nick Baumgartner, Snowboarding
Danny Davis, Snowboarding
Meryl Davis, Figure Skating
Cam Fowler, Ice Hockey
Ryan Kesler, Ice Hockey
Ryan Miller, Ice Hockey
Jilleanne Rookard, Speedskating – Long Track
Alex Shibutani, Figure Skating
Maia Shibutani, Figure Skating
Karly Shorr, Snowboarding
Jessica Smith, Speedskating – Short Track
Charlie White, Figure Skating

Minnesota (19)
David Backes, Ice Hockey
Jessie Diggins, Skiing – Cross-Country
Justin Faulk, Ice Hockey
Jeff Isaacson, Curling
John Landsteiner, Curling
Paul Martin, Ice Hockey
Gigi Marvin, Ice Hockey
Ryan McDonagh, Ice Hockey
Leif Nordgren, Biathlon
T.J. Oshie, Ice Hockey
Zach Parise, Ice Hockey
Allison Pottinger, Curling
Anna Ringsred, Speedskating – Long Track
Anne Schleper, Ice Hockey
John Shuster, Curling
Lee Stecklein, Ice Hockey
Derek Stepan, Ice Hockey
Blake Wheeler, Ice Hockey
Jared Zezel, Curling

Missouri (2)
Emily Scott, Speedskating – Short Track
Paul Stastny, Ice Hockey

Montana (3)
Heather McPhie, Skiing – Freestyle
Maggie Voisin, Skiing – Freestyle
Bradley Wilson, Skiing – Freestyle

Nebraska (1)
Curt Tomasevicz, Bobsled

Nevada (1)
Tim Jitloff, Skiing – Alpine

New Hampshire (9)
Nick Alexander, Ski Jumping
Sean Doherty, Biathlon
Nick Fairall, Ski Jumping
Julia Ford, Skiing – Alpine
Kris Freeman, Skiing – Cross-Country
Chas Guldemond, Snowboarding
Julia Krass, Skiing – Freestyle
Bode Miller, Skiing – Alpine
Leanne Smith, Skiing – Alpine

New Jersey (4)
Jazmine Fenlator, Bobsled
Kyle Tress, Skeleton
James van Riemsdyk, Ice Hockey
Felicia Zhang, Figure Skating

New York (18)
Lowell Bailey, Biathlon
Dustin Brown, Ice Hockey
Tim Burke, Biathlon
Ryan Callahan, Ice Hockey
Annelies Cook, Biathlon
John Daly, Skeleton
Billy Demong, Nordic Combined
Peter Frenette, Ski Jumping
Jamie Greubel, Bobsled
Erin Hamlin, Luge
Jimmy Howard, Ice Hockey
Patrick Kane, Ice Hockey
Aidan Kelly, Luge
Chris Mazdzer, Luge
Matt Mortensen, Luge
Brooks Orpik, Ice Hockey
Josephine Pucci, Ice Hockey
Andrew Weibrecht, Skiing – Alpine

North Carolina (1)
Heather Richardson, Speedskating – Long Track

North Dakota (2)
Jocelyne Lamoureux, Ice Hockey
Monique Lamoureux, Ice Hockey

Ohio (3)
Kelly Gunther, Speedskating – Long Track
Brianne McLaughlin-Bittle, Ice Hockey
Kelli Stack, Ice Hockey

Oregon (2)
Laurenne Ross, Skiing – Alpine
Jacqueline Wiles, Skiing – Alpine

Pennsylvania (5)
Nathan Bartholomay, Figure Skating
Summer Britcher, Luge
Chris Creveling, Speedskating – Short Track
Jayson Terdiman, Luge 5-8
Lauryn Williams, Bobsled

Rhode Island (1)
Marissa Castelli, Figure Skating

South Carolina (1)
Lauren Cholewinski, Speedskating – Long Track

Texas (4)
Jonathan Garcia, Speedskating – Long Track
Jordan Malone, Speedskating – Short Track
Justin Olsen, Bobsled
Johnny Quinn, Bobsled

Utah (15)
Joss Christensen, Skiing – Freestyle
Chris Fogt, Bobsled
Jared Goldberg, Skiing – Alpine
Preston Griffall, Luge
Faye Gulini, Snowboarding
Sarah Hendrickson, Ski Jumping
Steve Holcomb, Bobsled
Jessica Jerome, Ski Jumping
Anders Johnson, Ski Jumping
Sage Kotsenburg, Snowboarding
Ted Ligety, Skiing – Alpine
Megan McJames, Skiing – Alpine
Steven Nyman, Skiing – Alpine
Noelle Pikus-Pace, Skeleton
Lindsey Van, Ski Jumping

Vermont (13)
Sophie Caldwell, Skiing – Cross-Country
Kelly Clark, Snowboarding
Alex Deibold, Snowboarding
Hannah Dreissigacker, Biathlon
Susan Dunklee, Biathlon
Jacqueline Hernandez, Snowboarding
Nolan Kasper, Skiing – Alpine
Hannah Kearney, Skiing – Freestyle
Devin Logan, Skiing – Freestyle
Andy Newell, Skiing – Cross-Country
Ida Sargent, Skiing – Cross-Country
Liz Stephen, Skiing – Cross-Country
Ty Walker, Snowboarding

Virginia (2)
Ashley Caldwell, Skiing – Freestyle
Ashley Wagner, Figure Skating

Washington (8)
Erik Bjornsen, Skiing – Cross-Country
Sadie Bjornsen, Skiing – Cross-Country
J.R. Celski, Speedskating – Short Track
Patrick Deneen, Skiing – Freestyle s
Brian Gregg, Skiing – Cross-CountryD
Torin Koos, Skiing – Cross-Country
Christian Niccum, Luge
Angeli VanLaanen, Skiing – Freestyle

Wisconsin (15)
Matt Antoine, Skeleton
Craig Brown, Curling
Erika Brown, Curling
Brianna Decker, Ice Hockey
Alyson Dudek, Speedskating – Short Track
Tucker Fredericks, Speedskating – Long Track
Amanda Kessel, Ice Hockey
Phil Kessel, Ice Hockey
Maria Lamb, Speedskating – Long Track
Debbie McCormick, Curling
Joe Pavelski, Ice Hockey
Ryan Suter, Ice Hockey
Sugar Todd, Speedskating – Long Track
Jessie Vetter, Ice Hockey
Mitch Whitmore, Speedskating – Long Track


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