TRAIN DERAILMENT CAUGHT ON VIDEO: 5 Leaking Tank Cars Force Evacuation In Mauriceville, Texas


MAURICEVILLE, Texas — Around 7:30 AM local time Thursday, a KCS train derailed on Farm to Market road 1130 in Orange County, Texas involving 25 rail cars – 10 rail cars empty and 15 rail cars loaded. Five confirmed tank cars were breached, four were leaking a petroleum product that did not represent a risk to the general population and the fifth involves a corrosive product that was being contained.

The dramatic event was captured on video.

At the time of the derailment, a 1 mile exclusion zone was established until further notice.

There were no injuries reported—approximately 600 residents are affected.

KCS is working quickly with the local and state agencies to clean the spilled products. The cause of the derailment remains under investigation.

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