15-Year-Old Maryland Boy Charged In Neighbor’s Rape

Photo Source: CBS Baltimore

ROCKVILLE, Md. – Police say a woman was attacked and raped by a 15-year-old boy inside her own home after she returned from the grocery store late Thursday.

Detectives have arrested and charged Cristian Vasquez, age 15, of First Street in Rockville, with first-degree rape, first-degree assault, and home invasion. He is being charged as an adult with these crimes. Vasquez entered the victim’s home through an unlocked door and sexually assaulted her when she returned home from grocery shopping.

SVID detectives have determined that at approximately 11:00 pm on April 29, the victim returned to her home on First Street in Rockville and put away groceries that she had just purchased. Unbeknownst to the victim, Vasquez was inside the home. The victim walked upstairs and entered the bathroom. Vasquez grabbed her from behind and wrapped his arm around her neck. Vasquez was wearing a mask that covered his entire face.

Vasquez pulled the victim into a bedroom and displayed a knife. Vasquez put a covering on the victim’s head so that she could not see and sexually assaulted her. During the assault, Vasquez threatened that he would retrieve the knife if she did not comply. When the victim heard Vasquez exit her home, she fled in her vehicle and called 9-1-1.

During the investigation, detectives obtained video surveillance that captured Vasquez running from the area of the victim’s home and entering the rear door of his residence immediately after the sexual assault occurred. Personnel from the Crime Scene unit recovered latent prints from the victim’s home. The recovered prints were analyzed by personnel from the Latent Print Unit and determined to belong to Vasquez.

Yesterday afternoon, April 30, Vasquez was arrested on the strength of a warrant. During a police interview, Vasquez made admissions of guilt. He was transported to the Central Processing Unit and is being held without bond.

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