2 Injured In Shooting at New York Shopping Mall


MIDDLETOWN, NEW YORK — The Galleria at Crystal Run mall was being evacuated Sunday due to a shooting. The scene is at 1 Galleria Drive.

According to witnesses, a shooting occurred at the American Eagle store—there was a large police response. Several agencies, including the New York State Police were on scene.

Initial reports indicate two victims—police believe the incident was an accidental discharge of a weapon.

The Woodbury police later issued the following statement: “At this time, what we are hearing was that the shooting was an accidental discharge from a firearm. A round hit the floor then ricocheted off of glass injuring people. People have minor injuries from the glass shards, AND NO FATALITIES HAVE BEEN REPORTED AT THIS TIME. No one can confirm an active shooter entering or exiting the mall. The Galleria has been placed on lock down as normal protocol and police are still investigating at this time. Again, reports are still unconfirmed and we will update you as soon as we get more information available. Thank you”

The Galleria at Crystal Run is a shopping center located in the Town of Wallkill, New York. It is the second-largest mall in New York’s Hudson Valley region.