BREAKING: China Spy Balloon Had Western-Made Parts With English Writing: Report


On Thursday, members of Congress were informed during a private briefing on Capitol Hill that an alleged Chinese spy balloon that crossed the US had components made in the West with English writing on them. The briefing was conducted by officials from the Biden administration, including representatives from the State and Defense Departments and the intelligence community.

According to Bloomberg and confirmed by Fox News, the presence of the Western components were noted, but it was not specified which ones.

It is unclear whether the writing was found prior to the balloon’s shooting down on Saturday or after the recovery of its wreckage, which is still ongoing off the coast of South Carolina.

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Neither the National Security Council nor the State and Defense Departments commented on the matter. Meanwhile, the FBI is currently reviewing the debris, but has not yet discovered the balloon’s main payload.

The Biden administration confirmed that US spy planes had captured high-resolution images of the balloon as it crossed the US.

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