BREAKING: Controversial Streamer Paul Miller Arrested by FBI in Florida

NBC 6 - South Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – NBC6 South Florida reported Monday morning that local FBI Agents had completed a raid on a Fort Lauderdale home and left with one suspect in custody.

The suspect, arrested on charges of possessing a firearm while being a felon, has been identified as 32 year-old Paul N. Miller. Miller is better known by his controversial internet pseudonym ‘Gypsy Crusader’, where he plays the role of a neo-nazi online, which his cult following views as comedic. Miller’s most famous content involves him dressing up as fictional characters (such as the Joker) and roleplaying as somewhat nazified versions of them on the online chat site Omegle. Miller’s videos have caused controversy across the internet for his mass use of racial slurs, white nationalist slogans, and careless use of weapons on his streams.

Witnesses reported a massive law enforcement presence at the home. The arrest was made in a joint raid done by the FBI, Fort Lauderdale Police, and the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. Witnesses also reported hearing the sound of flashbangs at 6AM and saw Miller being taken into custody shortly after.

“We saw him come outside. They took him out of the house and were walking him around and they ended up taking him back and took him away and everyone was all in uniform,” said Chase Robison, one of Miller’s neighbors. “We started seeing them come outside with boxes. One box definitely looked like either a shotgun on the front or an AK.”

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