Former Fox News Commentator Claims She Was Raped By Anchor, Says Network Retaliated Against Her

Fox News
Photo Source: 21st Century Fox

Former Fox News commentator Scottie Nell Hughes claimed in a lawsuit Monday she was ousted from the network after reporting an alleged rape by a news anchor.

“In July of 2013, I was raped by Charles Payne. In July of 2017, I was raped again by Fox News. Since then, I have been living an absolute hell,” Hughes told the New York Times.

Payne, the host of Fox Business’ “Making Money” was been suspended from the network amid the sexual harassment allegations in July but has since been placed back on the airwaves. Payne denied the harassment charge, but acknowledged having had a three-year-long “romantic relationship” with Hughes before the accusation was made.


The New York Times reported: In her lawsuit, Ms. Hughes said that Mr. Payne had “pressured” his way into her hotel room in July 2013 and coerced her to have sexual intercourse with him, even though she had refused his advances by telling him “no” and “stop.”

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According to the suit, Ms. Hughes was “shocked and ashamed” and did not immediately report the incident. She said that over the next two years she was forced to engage in a sexual relationship with Mr. Payne. In exchange, she said, she received career opportunities, including increased appearances on Fox News and Fox Business and the promise that Mr. Payne would help her land a contributor contract, a job that can pay several hundred thousand dollars a year.

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