WATCH: Leaked Video Purportedly Shows Dem Senate Candidate Explaining Why She ‘Treats White People Like Shit’

Krystle Matthews/Twitter

Project Veritas Action released a video Wednesday purportedly showing U.S. Senate candidate Krystle Matthews (D-S.C.), explaining why she “treats [white people] like shit.”

She is also heard encouraging gang members to run for public office.

Krystle Matthews: “Let me tell you one thing. You ought to know who you’re dealing with. You gotta treat them [white people] like sh*t. I mean, that’s the only way they’ll respect you. I keep them right here — like under my thumbs. That’s where I keep – like, you have to. Otherwise, they get out of control — like kids.”

Previously, in June, Project Veritas leaked another audio clip from Matthews.

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