Limo Company Operator Charged In Deadly NY Crash


NEW YORK — State Police have charged Nauman Hussain with criminally negligent homicide in connection with the deadly limousine crash on Saturday, October 6, 2018.

In the early afternoon of October 6, 2018, the limousine crashed at the junction of New York state routes 30 and 30A north of Schoharie, killing 20—the driver, all 17 passengers, and two pedestrians who were in a nearby parking lot. It is the worst transportation-related disaster in the state and the nation since a plane crashed into a house outside Buffalo in 2009, killing 50.

The passengers were from communities in the Capital District, primarily Amsterdam, who were on their way to celebrate a 30th birthday at Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown. Among them were four sisters and two recently married couples. Investigation of the accident has revealed preexisting problems with the limousine, the driver and the limousine company.

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