London Mosque Attacker Identified as Darren Osborne – Local Media

Daily Mirror

LONDON — Early Sunday morning, a rental van plowed into pedestrians in Finsbury Park, London, injuring ten and killing one.

The terror attack occurred outside the Muslim Welfare House, 100 yards around the corner from Finsbury Park Mosque, where the van hit several Muslims who had earlier been engaged in Tarawih, nightly prayers held during Ramadan.

The 44-year-old suspect has been identified as Darren Osborne, the Mirror reports. Osborne reportedly lives in Cardiff, Wales with his wife and four children.

According to witnesses, Obsorne shouted at the scene “I did my bit” […] “I’m going to kill Muslims.”

He has since been booked on terror-related charges. 

The attack followed multiple Islamist terrorist attacks and non-terror related tragedies in Great Britain in just over three months: an attack in Westminster in March, a bombing in Manchester in May, an attack in the Southwark district earlier in June and the Grenfell Tower fire on June 14.