Man Sneaks Into Mar-a-Lago While President Trump Was There

Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images

FLORIDA — A college student has been charged after he illegally slipped into President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach. The freshman reportedly tricked the Secret Service into thinking he was a member at the club.

The suspect, Mark Slattery Lindblom, admitted to the crime of ‘entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds.’ He was sentenced to one year probation.

The incident happened the day after Thanksgiving. Lindblom told the judge he had no intentions of doing harm. Adding, he just wanted to ‘see if he could do it.’

The Palm Beach Post reported: Visiting his grandparents, who are members of the nearby Palm Beach Bath & Tennis Club, Lindblom simply walked down the beach the two clubs share.

Once at a tunnel under State Road A1A that gives Mar-a-Lago members access to the beach, Lindblom stood in line with club members who were waiting to pass through a metal detector manned by Secret Service agents, said his attorney Marcos Beaton.

“Mr. Lindblom was wanded by Secret Service agents and he walked on through,” Beaton said.

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