Manhattan Cathedral Gunman Left Note Behind Detailing Hostage-Taking Plans


NEW YORK — An active shooter was fatally shot by heroic police officers on the steps of St. John the Divine cathedral in Manhattan on Sunday.

The shooter, identified as Dominican Republic native Luis Vasquez began firing two handguns at the end of a Christmas choral concert there, police said. Miraculously, no innocent bystanders were hurt.

[PHOTO CREDIT: Jeenah Moon/Reuters]
Video shows Vasquez was shouting ‘shoot me, kill me,’ as he was firing before being neutralized.

A bag belonging to Vasquez was found nearby. Inside the bag was a full can of gasoline, rope, wire, multiple knives, a Bible and tape.

Vasquez reportedly left a note behind detailing his plan to take hostages.

WNBC reported: In the note, the 52-year-old wrote that he was going to keep the hostages unless the U.S., its banks and companies gave money to help the needy of Latin America.

Vasquez voiced his anger at the “U.S. regime which has committed robbery and more against the people of Latin America.” He also wrote that he did not envision returning to his Bronx apartment, where he lived with his mother.

The Dominican Republic native had a lengthy criminal history that included shooting at a woman and police in 1990, for which he served time in prison. He was already wanted for an incident of menacing with a gun from this past summer. Prior to that, Vazquez had been arrested six times over the past 30 years.

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