Multiple People Wounded In Stabbing Attack at Manchester Victoria Station


United Kingdom — Multiple people were wounded after a man went on a rampage with a large kitchen knife at a railway station in Manchester Monday night.

The attack occurred around 9 p.m. local time on New Years Eve. A police officer is among at least three victims.

BBC producer Sam Clack says he witnesses the incident, tweeting: “Just been very close to the most terrifying thing. Man stabbed in Manchester Victoria station on tram platform. Feet from me…I was close to jumping on the tracks as attacker had long kitchen knife.”

“Totally shaken. This is seriously messed up.”

Police say the suspect was taken into custody.

A motive for the crime remains unknown.

Manchester Victoria station in Manchester, England is a combined mainline railway station and Metrolink tram stop. Situated to the north of the city centre on Hunts Bank, close to Manchester Cathedral, it adjoins Manchester Arena.

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