BREAKING: Multiple Victims, Active Shooter Situation In Wisconsin


BELOIT, WI. (About an hour from Madison) -Randall and Porter Streets-

Police are investigating after at least four people were wounded by gunfire Monday.

Three victims were initially found then a fourth discovered nearby.

The condition of the victims have not been released.

This story is developing. Check back for updates.

Beloit is a city in Rock County, Wisconsin, United States.

Beloit was a New England settlement. The original founders of Beloit consisted entirely of settlers from New England.

These people were “Yankees“, that is to say they were descended from the English Puritans who settled New England in the 1600s. They were part of a wave of New England farmers who headed west into what was then the wilds of the Northwest Territoryduring the early 1800s.


Photo via: WKOW

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