Couple Fighting For Their Life After Being ‘Randomly’ Attacked By Machete-Wielding Man In Nashville


TENNESSEE — A suspect is in custody after police say he “randomly” attacked a married couple with a machete at a self-storage center near downtown Nashville Sunday.

The horrific incident occurred at the ‘Public Storage’ business — located at 800 5th Ave. South.

WSMV’s Joushua Cole said in a tweet, “I cannot repeat the exact verbiage the officer used to describe the scene, at this time, but it sounds like this is a very sad situation.”

Police say 6 officers treated the victims on scene with multiple tourniquets. Both were transported to a a hospital in critical condition.

The suspected attacker, 36-year-old Kelvin Edwards, was arrested and charged. Police say the crime was random and a motive remains under investigation. Edwards is believed to be homeless.

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