New Zealand Police Say They’re Launching ‘Criminal Investigation’ Over Volcano Deaths


Police in New Zealand say they will open a ‘criminal investiigation’ after several people were killed in a volcanic eruption on White Island, a popular tourist spot.

On Sunday, the Whakaari volcano, A.K.A. ‘White Island’ erupted. It is reported that there were 47 people on the island when the eruption happened. Local media reports at least 20 injuries and five fatalities.

On Monday morning, police issued a statement that aerial surveillance over the island overnight showed no signs of life.

John Tims of NZ police held a press conference Monday and was asked about tour operators to the island, saying, “So we’ll look into if there was anyone criminally responsible for the deaths and injuries. It’s early days yet. So we’re just going to have to work through the evidence, talk to people, and conduct the investigation.”

8 people still on the island are missing and believed dead. Many of the survivors being treated in hospitals have burns on up to 90% of their bodies and may not survive.

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