GRAPHIC: Pennsylvania Man Claims to Show Father’s Severed Head on YouTube, Gives Crazed Political Rant Before Arrest


A 32-year-old man from Pennsylvania reportedly decapitated his 68-year-old father and then proceeded to show the victim’s head in a YouTube video criticizing the Biden administration and the federal government.

Justin Mohn allegedly carried out the gruesome act at a residence in Middleton Township, Pennsylvania. He then showcased his father’s severed head during a diatribe in which he blamed the federal government for wars, ‘wokeness’ and illegal immigration. The horrific video, (seen below), remained accessible on YouTube for hours following its upload and depicted Mohn holding up his father’s head contained within a plastic bag.

“This is the head of Mike Mohn – a federal employee of over 20 years and my father. He is now in hell for eternity as a traitor to his country,” the man says in the video.


Local media reported that Mohn was apprehended after 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday, approximately two hours away from his home in Fort Indiana Gap, Pennsylvania. Authorities confirmed that the victim had indeed been decapitated and that the YouTube footage and political rant was part of the ongoing investigation.

This is a breaking news update.

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