Up to 12 People Being Held Hostage at Bar/Club In Miami, Police Say

Miami Police

UPDATE: The SWAT team concluded their search of the premises and determined that the building was clear and nobody was inside or in harms way. The woman who provided initial hostage situation is being detained for questioning.

FLORIDA — Police in Miami were responding to a hostage situation Monday afternoon. The scene is in the 1900 block of Northwest 7ths Street.

Following a robbery of a cell phone outside of the establishment, Joseph Restaurant, officers were contacted by a female who came out and stated that they are being held hostage by management.

Police say up to a dozen employees were being held hostage by a bar manager there. Hostage negotiators were on scene.

Citrus Grove Elementary and Jr High were locked down as a precautionary measure but the lockdown was later lifted. A SWAT team was also requested.

Residents in the area were urged to stay indoors.

Photo Source: WPLG

It was unclear if anyone was injured–no further details were available.