Trump Calls NYT Story Fake News, Says Pence Has ‘Several Options To Act’


According to a report published by the New York Times, Vice President Mike Pence told President Donald Trump at lunch Tuesday that he does not have the power to change or delay the results of the 2020 Presidential election.

The report said Pence assured Trump he would keep studying it until the Electoral College certification in Congress Wednesday.

Hours later, the Trump camp issued a statement labeling the New York Times report as false:

“The New York Times report regarding comments Vice President Pence supposedly made to me today is fake news. He never said that. The Vice President and I are in total agreement that the Vice President has the power to act.

“The November 3rd election was corrupt in contested states, and in particular it was not in accordance with the Constitution in that they made large scale changes to election rules and regulations as dictated by local judges and politicians, not by state legislators. This means that it was illegal.

“Our Vice President has several options under the U.S. Constitution. He can decertify the results or send them back to the states for change and certification. He can also decertify the illegal and corrupt results and send them to the House of Representatives for the one vote for one state tabulation.“

Although numerous Senate and House Republican members say they will object to certain state’s certifications, Congress is expected to certify the results Wednesday—confirming Joe Biden as the President-Elect.

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