Shots Fired at Marine Recruiting Office in Iowa


BETTENDORF/Davenport, IOWA — Neighbors and local police were on edge when they heard shots were fired at a nearby Marine recruiting office.

When the initial call came out, Chattanooga was everyone’s reference point as people asked themselves “Is this happening here?”

The shots rang out on the 4500 block of Utica Ridge in Bettendorf.

According to News10, A witness said that he heard shorts fired at the center. He said he heard screaming and then heard the gunman trying to reload his gun.

A Marine recruiter told everyone to run. As the witness was running, he said he heard more gunfire.

Police also responded to a second scene in Bettendorf, Iowa.

The building where the initial incident took place is home to the Armed Forces Career Center and also residential homes of 3 local attorneys.

Police were then called to the Miller Meier business in Bettendorf.

A spokeswoman from UnityPoint Health – Trinity Bettendorf says they did go on a brief lockdown, but it has now been lifted.

Local media reported that the active shooter in Davenport shot himself near Miller-Meir Limb and Brace, Bettendorf.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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