California Man Guilty of ‘Attempted Murder and Mayhem’ In Attack on Ex-Girlfriend

Photo Source: FBI

LOS ANGELES — A jury has found a 20-year-old man guilty of slashing his teenage ex-girlfriend’s throat two years ago.

Jason Scott Gustin of Azusa was found guilty of ‘attempted murder and mayhem.’

The jury also found Gustin ‘personally inflicted great bodily injury upon the victim under circumstances involving domestic violence and that he used a knife, during the commission of the crimes.’

He faces 29 years to life in state prison.

After nearly two years of dating, Gustin’s 17-year-old girlfriend broke up with him on Aug. 17, 2016. On Aug. 22, 2016, the defendant convinced her to meet again to talk about the end of their relationship, the prosecutor said.

According to testimony at trial, the two met near Arcadia and sat in Gustin’s car to talk when he pulled out a knife and slashed her throat and then began strangling her. As the victim tried to escape, the defendant slashed the back of her neck, stabbed her arm and cut the entire length of her right thigh, according to the prosecutor.

When the victim was finally able to get herself out of the vehicle, she ran nearly a quarter of a mile to a nearby home. Gustin chased her but a nurse at the home locked the doors and prevented his entry, according to witness testimony. He was arrested a short time later after he showed up at his mother’s workplace, the prosecutor added.

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