California Man Opens Fire On Police With Nail Gun, Is Arrested After 5-Hour Standoff


LOS ANGELES — A man was charged today with firing a nail gun at police officers responding to a disturbance at an El Sereno home this week.

Bruce Edward Stiff, 58, is charged with four counts of assault upon a peace officer with a weapon likely to produce great bodily injury, two counts of resisting executive officer, one count of assault with a deadly weapon and one count of vandalism causing damage over $400, all felonies.

Stiff was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in June 2015 in Los Angeles County.

On May 13, officers with the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a call about an altercation at a house where Stiff was staying, prosecutors said. After the officers arrived, the defendant is accused of firing at them and a woman who lived in the home with a nail gun, as well as damaging windows and items in the residence.

He was arrested after a five-hour standoff with police.

Stiff faces a possible maximum sentence of 30 years in state prison if convicted as charged. Prosecutors are recommending bail be set at $365,000.

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