Democrat Warren Launches Presidential Exploratory Committee

Elizabeth Warren, via the Washington Examiner

WASHINGTON – As is customary with those who are considering a run for the White House, U.S. Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren launched an exploratory committee on Monday, indicating that she potentially could be vying to take on the current president in 2020.

It marks the first high-profile Democratic Party announcement ahead of the nomination launching in 2019, when parties will start to define criteria for candidates to be eligible to to be a part of sanctioned debates.

By filing with the Federal Election Commission so she can begin to spend funds to benefit her candidacy, Warren aims to become the first female president and follow in the footsteps of former U.S. senator and president from Massachusetts, John F. Kennedy.

The news came from a video she released and spread on social media, where she called on her supporters to unite against special interests that she says hurts the middle class and corruption across the government that is “poisoning our democracy”.

Sen. Warren has been a contentious figure in U.S. politics, most notably with controversy surrounding her Indigenous ancestry, not formally recognized by the Cherokee Nation despite a DNA test carried out during this past year.

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