DOJ Clears President Trump Of Violating Campaign Finance Law In Ukraine-Biden Call


The Department of Justice says the ‘whistleblower’ complaint regarding President Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky was referred to the DOJ’s criminal division regarding a possible violated campaign finance law.

The Department conculded that “there was no campaign finance violation and that no further action was warranted.” Adding, “the Department has concluded the matter.”

DOJ spokesperson Kerri Kupec made the following statement on Wednesday:

“In August, the Department of Justice was referred a matter relating to a letter the Director of National Intelligence had received from the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community regarding a purported whistleblower complaint. The Inspector General’s letter cited a conversation between the President and Ukrainian President Zelensky as a potential violation of federal campaign finance law, while acknowledging that neither the Inspector General nor the complainant had firsthand knowledge of the conversation. Relying on established procedures set forth in the Justice Manual, the Department’s Criminal Division reviewed the official record of the call and determined, based on the facts and applicable law, that there was no campaign finance violation and that no further action was warranted. All relevant components of the Department agreed with this legal conclusion, and the Department has concluded the matter.”

You can read the full transcript of the phone call HERE.

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