Father Killed 16-Year-Old Son In Murder-Suicide At Utah Medical Building, Authorities Say


UTAH – According to police, a father was responsible for killing his teenage son before taking his own life in a Salt Lake City office building where he worked as a neuropsychologist.

Last Saturday, a member of the community notified authorities after discovering a dead body in a 2936 South Highland Drive office complex. Upon arriving at the scene, officers found two deceased individuals inside the building.

The recently disclosed information revealed that the two victims were Parth Gandhi, aged 49, and his 16-year-old son, whose name has not been disclosed by law enforcement.

Authorities have reported that Gandhi murdered his son within the office complex before committing suicide.

As part of the investigation, police conducted a welfare check at Gandhi’s residence near Sunnyside Park. However, no details have been revealed regarding what was discovered during the welfare check.

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