Florida Girl, 11, Presses Box Cutter to Boy’s Neck in School and Whispers Threat, Cops Say


NAPLES, Fla. (CCSO) – An 11-year-old Manatee Elementary School student faces criminal charges after she brought a box cutter knife to school today and threatened another student with it. The student has been taken into custody on charges of possession of a weapon on school property and aggravated battery.

The victim reported the incident to school administrators who then contacted CCSO. Detectives interviewed both students. The victim said the student approached him from behind in the school cafeteria and poked him in the neck with the knife several times, while whispering a threat.

School security footage reviewed by detectives and the school Youth Relations Deputy corroborated the victim’s account. The Youth Relations Deputy conducted a search of the student and found the box cutter concealed in her waistband.

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