Florida Man Bites Head Off Python During Domestic Dispute: Police


A man from Cutler Bay, Florida, was arrested on multiple felony charges after police say he decapitated his girlfriend’s pet snake during a domestic dispute.

Miami-Dade Police Department officers responded to a report of a domestic dispute at an apartment complex where they heard the man and woman arguing and the woman screaming for them to “just kick the door in!”

When officers entered, they saw the man, Kevin Justin Mayorga, trying to shut the victim in and hold her against her will. When they tried to arrest him, he swung at them and tried to use a Taser on them.

After being detained, the woman told police that Mayorga had bitten off the head of her ball python, which police saw next to the door.

Mayorga is facing charges of animal cruelty, false imprisonment, and resisting arrest and is being held on a $15,000 bond.

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