Florida Man Pleads Guilty In String of Bomb Threats

Photo Source: FOX 13 Tampa Bay

Ocala, Florida – David Wayne Willmott, Jr., 25, of Inverness today pleaded guilty to three counts of making threats to use an explosive device. He faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in federal prison for each count.

According to court documents, on three separate dates (November 25, 2014, April 17, 2015, and April 23, 2015), Willmott sent e-mails containing bomb threats to various private and government facilities. The locations targeted in the e-mails included a nuclear power plant, an elementary school, a sheriff’s office, two courthouses, and two airports in central Florida.

The investigation revealed that the threats had originated from specific computers at a public library in Citrus County, and that Willmott had been the person using the library computer at the time each of the threatening e-mails was sent.