Florida Uber Eats Driver Murdered, Dismembered While Making Delivery: Sheriff


Pasco County, FLA. – During a news conference on Tuesday, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco announced that an Uber Eats driver who was making a delivery in Holiday was reported missing by his wife on April 19 after he stopped responding to her texts.

The driver had one more delivery to make before heading home, but he vanished.

The driver’s last known location was a house on Moog Road. The sheriff’s office found that one of the occupants of the home was Oscar Adrian Solis, a 30-year-old convicted felon with ties to the MS-13 gang.

Home security footage from Solis’ roommate showed the driver walking up to the home, but the camera went dark shortly afterward.

The following morning, Solis was caught on camera carrying trash bags with another man around the house. “Several” bags containing the remains of the missing driver were later found.

Solis was arrested for a parole violation and failing to register as a felon in Florida.

Investigators discovered that while making a delivery to Solis’ father, the driver was pulled inside and allegedly murdered.

Solis was charged with murder while committing a robbery, as the driver’s wedding ring and car keys were allegedly found in his possession.

The motive for the murder is currently unknown.

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