Florida Woman Released From Jail, Then Re-Arrested In Jail Parking Lot & Taken Back To Jail


A 47-year-old Miami woman released from jail on Monday was returned shortly thereafter for vandalizing vehicles in the jail parking lot.

Amparo Bernier was charged with five counts of causing damage to property.

Bernier was initially arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol on Sunday and charged with tampering with evidence. She was released from the Planation Key jail at approximately 3:30 p.m. Monday.

Bernier was seen in security footage pacing the jail parking lot. Bernier stated she did not receive all her personal items back upon her release. Detention Deputies explained she had received all her personal items and signed paperwork stating the same.

Deputy Jamie Miller responded thereafter when Sheriff’s Office staff reported seeing Bernier acting suspiciously around vehicles. Security footage showed Bernier squatting near vehicles with an unknown object in her hand she had removed from a nearby trash can.

Deputy Miller found three Sheriff’s Office staff personal vehicles, one unmarked Sheriff’s Office vehicle and one unmarked State Attorney’s Office vehicle all had been scratched with a metal object. In all, approximately $7,600 in damage was done.

Deputy Miller found a small, squared, rusted piece of metal in the trash can with what appeared to be paint transfer from one of the damaged vehicles.

Bernier was taken back to jail.

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