FULL VIDEO: Michael Irvin Releases Video of Hotel Encounter With Alleged Accuser


Michael Irvin, a former Cowboys star, and his attorney released surveillance video on Tuesday that shows him interacting with a Marriott hotel employee during the week of the Super Bowl. The interaction had resulted in Irvin being sent home from Super Bowl coverage after Marriott alleged that he had made the employee feel uncomfortable and harassed her.

Irvin subsequently denied any wrongdoing and sued Marriott for $100 million.

Irvin and his attorney played the video during a press conference in downtown Dallas after obtaining it from the hotel and re-filing the case in an Arizona court.

The video shows Irvin briefly interacting with the employee, walking through a hotel lobby in Phoenix, and chatting with her.

McCathern, Irvin’s attorney, said that the employee appeared to slow down to interact with Irvin and that the two were not engaged in any inappropriate behavior.

McCathern said that the video makes it clear that this was not sexual assault, harassment, or misconduct.

Irvin expressed gratitude for the video and reiterated that he did not commit any sexual assault.

Marriott attorneys had previously stated in a court filing that the interaction had made the employee “visibly uncomfortable.”

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