German police ‘arrested wrong man’: Truck driver is ‘still at large and armed’


German newspaper Die Welt has quoted police sources as saying the suspect arrested last night is not the man who carried out the attack.

The publication reports that the terrorist who carried out the truck killings is still at large and is ‘likely to be armed and able to carry out further attacks.’

A Pakistani refugee named only as Naved B. was named as the prime suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack.

The 23-year-old arrived in Germany a year ago.

Police have said at least 12 people died when the huge vehicle collided with the crowds.

The suspect had been living in Flughfen Tempelhof, which is an old airport that was converted into a refugee center.

Four young men were also questioned after police stormed the Tempelhof hangar.

Bavaria’s interior minister called for a review of the country’s refugee policy if the person behind the attack had sought asylum in Germany.

“If it is confirmed that this attack was committed by someone who has been registered as an asylum seeker in the country, then it must lead to a fundamental reflection on the design of the whole refugee system.”

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