GOOD NEWS: NYPD Cops Lend a Helping Hand to Family of 7

From left to right: Officer Mattern, Mr. Simmons, Ms. Benjamin, Officer Bellevue

On January 27, 2019, Officers Bellevue and Mattern from the 81st Precinct in Brooklyn responded to a radio call of trespassing at a shelter, but found something completely different.

A family of seven, including a young infant, was told their stay at a shelter was over because they had signed out. The father of the children disputed the accusation and pleaded with shelter employees to be able to keep his family inside. Despite his efforts to avoid losing shelter during the harsh cold, they were asked to leave.

When officers arrived, they found no trespassing but only a family in need. The shelter was able to find an opening for the family at another facility in the Bronx. The problem now was that the family’s car wouldn’t start and they didn’t have any gas or money to fill up the tank.

Thankfully, these two officers stepped up and were able to jump start the battery on the family’s car. They then gave them money to fill up their tank with gas.


The family of seven was so overtaken with joy by the officers’ kind act, they made a point to find the officers and thank them. On February 26th, the family stopped into the 81st Precinct to visit the officers and deliver them a handwritten letter offering their thanks.

“It felt really good to help them,” responded Police Officer Bellevue, when asked about the event.


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