“Her Courage Is Amazing.” Woman Drowns 6-Year-Old Daughter, Tries Drowning 8-Year-Old Moments Later


COLUMBIA, S.C. – A mother allegedly drowned one of her daughters and attempted to kill another child at their home in South Carolina before the eldest daughter woke up to the screams and managed to save her sister, according to Beaufort County Sheriff P.J. Tanner.

Jamie Bradley Brun, 37, has been charged with murder and attempted murder following the attack that occurred early on Friday at the home on St. Helena Island. Sheriff Tanner shared the distressing details during a news conference but refrained from disclosing the motive behind Brun’s actions, stating that he “is not a mental health expert.”

At approximately 1:30 a.m., Brun’s 16-year-old daughter was awoken by her 8-year-old sister’s screams. The sheriff did not provide specifics about how the mother attempted to drown her child but confirmed that the cries for help were coming from the bathroom. The courageous teen rushed to the bathroom, rescued her sister from their mother, and sought help from a nearby family member who called 911.

Sheriff Tanner expressed great admiration for the brave actions of the eldest daughter, stating, “I’m very proud of her. I think she did an unbelievable job. She defended her family when no one else was available. Her courage is amazing.”

Deputies arrived on the scene within eight minutes and discovered Brun with her 6-year-old daughter, who, despite CPR attempts, could not be revived and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

During Brun’s arrest, she attempted to seize a deputy’s firearm, leading officers to employ a Taser to safely apprehend her.

Brun is currently held without bond.

The 8-year-old survivor did not sustain severe injuries, and both she and her teenage sister are under the care of other family members, as confirmed by the sheriff.

Brun had no prior arrest record in South Carolina, although authorities had responded to the residence once approximately two years ago when a school employee expressed concerns about the mental health of one of the children.

Sheriff Tanner stated that there is additional information and details known to investigators; however, they are unable to share them at this stage.

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