‘I WILL BREAK YOUR NECK!’ Man’s Crazed Tirade on Plane Viewed More Than 3M Times


A crazed passenger was booted from a United flight to Los Angeles after snapping when he was asked to put on his facemask. The video posted to TikTok Thursday went viral.

According to the New York Post, the unidentified man was upset because the “flight attendant had asked him to hang up” his phone and “keep his mask on four times.”

“Take me off, I don’t give a fuck, I didn’t even want to go to Cali,” the man yells.

“I will find your name, date of birth, and address, I will know your social security number before I get off this plane. On my daughter. On that same baby that you seen me on the phone with,” he said. “Mind your business, cause I will break your neck!”



It does not end well… I just wanted to play Pokémon #travel #starcade #la #plane

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Reply to @whatthafa Adults only pls, sensitive content. The last post on this got taken down ⛳️ #starcade #travel #StudentSectionSauce #plane

♬ original sound – Starcade Arcade

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