Illegal immigrant admits to stuffing Valerie Reyes’ body in suitcase, but claims she hit her head during sex


Javier Enrique Da Silva Rojas, 24, was charged with the kidnapping of Valerie Reyes in New Rochelle, New York, and unlawfully transporting her to Greenwich, Connecticut. He was arrested in Flushing, Queens, on February 11.

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said: “As alleged, Javier Da Silva is charged with committing a gruesome kidnapping that resulted in the death of a young woman. Thanks to the excellent work of the FBI and its local law enforcement partners, Da Silva will need to answer for his alleged actions in court.”

District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr. said: “From the start of this investigation into the death of Valerie Reyes, the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office has worked closely with Greenwich and New Rochelle Police Departments and the Connecticut State’s Attorney. The Assistant District Attorney and investigators assigned to the case worked tirelessly in an effort to bring swift justice for the victim of this horrendous crime and her family here in Westchester. We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners, including the FBI and the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District, to ensure the strength of the case.”

FBI Assistant Director William F. Sweeney Jr. said: “Together with our partners from the Greenwich and New Rochelle Police Departments, we were able to swiftly identify Javier Da Silva, an alleged murderer, and place him behind bars. But while today’s arrest is certainly a welcome conclusion, it in no way alleviates the pain and suffering Valerie’s family will continue to feel for years to come. The reality of their situation is utterly unimaginable, as is the crime with which Da Silva is charged.”

New Rochelle Deputy Police Chief Robert Gazzola said: “The arrest of Javier Da Silva is a result of the outstanding work and cooperation between members of the New Rochelle Police Department, the Greenwich Police Department, and the F.B.I. Safe Streets Task Force. This was a complicated case, and the efforts of the members who worked tirelessly on it should be applauded. I hope that this arrest will bring some degree of closure to the family of Valerie Reyes.”

Town of Greenwich Chief of Police James J. Heavey said: “From the moment Valerie was found in Greenwich, detectives from New Rochelle and Greenwich have worked tirelessly pursuing multiple investigative leads. We are pleased that this investigation and subsequent prosecution may bring justice for Valerie and some level of peace to her family. The New Rochelle and Greenwich communities can be proud of the collaborative work of their detectives and how they brought this investigation to a successful.”

On or about January 30, 2019, the victim was reported missing to the New Rochelle Police Department by her mother, father, and boyfriend. A few days later, on or about February 5, 2019, her body was recovered in a suitcase alongside a public road in the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut.

Rojas, the victim’s ex-boyfriend, admits he dumped the body but denies murdering her, claiming she hit her head on the floor during sex.

Police say he placed tape over her mouth, bound her legs and hands before stuffing her in the suitcase.

He became a suspect after he used Reyes’ ATM card multiple times after her death.

Rojas is an illegal immigrant with dual citizenship in Venezuela and Portugal.

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Rojas, of Flushing, Queens, is charged with one count of kidnapping resulting in death, which carries a sentence of death or life in prison.

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