Islamic State Cuts Ears Off 33 Fighters Who Fled Battle In Mosul


The Islamic State is now punishing members who flee battles with Iraqi troops in Mosul by cutting off their ears, according to reports.

ISIS removed one ear from 33 fighters who were caught fleeing a battle in Mosul, a source reported to Alsumaria News.

The men were imprisoned before the punishment was carried out, they were also told that the other ear would be removed if they attempted to flee another time.

“The leadership of the extremist group threatened to cut both ears if escapes are repeated,” said the source, asking not to be named.

Usually fighters that flee from the group are executed, but the source reported that the terror group is having to use ‘less extreme’ punishments due to the lack of fighters.

According to US statistics, ISIS once controlled around 40% of Iraq, but that has now been reduced to around 7%.