3-year-old shoots 1-year-old in the head in North Carolina

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LINCOLN COUNTY, North Carolina — A toddler shot a 1-year-old in the head in Lincoln County Sunday morning, deputies say.

The scene is on Lightview Lane in Lincolnton.

Local media reports the father was outside smoking when he heard the gunshot and rushed inside to find the wounded child.

WCNC reported: The one-year-old child suffered a wound from a bullet that grazed the child’s head. It’s believed the bullet did not penetrate the skull, deputies report.

According to deputies, while playing in the room the children apparently retrieved a .380 caliber handgun from a nightstand and a shot was fired. The one-year-old child was transported to Atrium Health Care in Charlotte by Lincoln County EMS.

It was unclear if the parents were facing charges.

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