Houston Teen Arrested For Killing Friend During ‘No Lackin Challenge’

(File Photo via WAAY)

TEXAS — A teenager in Houston has been arrested after he allegedly fatally shot his friend while doing the ‘No Lackin Challenge.’

18-year-old Mohamad Alajil is charged with second degree manslaughter in the death of Christian Johnson, 19.

The ‘No Lackin Challenge’ is a video fad in which people film themselves brandishing firearms and pointing the weapons at unsuspecting victims to provoke them into displaying a firearm in return. The game is meant as a way to test the readiness of people who are living in high crime areas.

KTRK reported: When Alajil stretched out his arm and pointed the pistol at Johnson’s head, the trigger was pulled, and the gun went off, striking him in the head, authorities allege.

Alajil reportedly dropped the gun and ran out of the house. Johnson’s two brothers tried to stop him. Another witness called police later and gave a statement describing what had happened.

Alajil allegedly made no attempt to call police. When they interviewed him on Wednesday, he initially told investigators he and Johnson had been fighting and he shot the teen in self-defense. Later Alajil changed his statement, and told officers about the ‘No Lackin Challenge.’

Alajil is not a citizen of the United States and is from Syria.

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