Rapper Bun B Opens Fire on Intruder at His Home In Houston

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TEXAS — Rapper Bun B shot an intruder at his home in Southwest Houston Tuesday evening, police say.

The suspect is in custody and the rapper and his family are safe.

TMZ reported: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ around 5:45 last night, there was a knock at Bun B’s door … his wife, Queenie, opened it — thinking it was a possible delivery — to find a masked man holding a gun on the other side. The intruder demanded valuables, and Queenie offered up her Audi in the garage.

Bun B heard the commotion from upstairs, grabbed his gun, and confronted the intruder as he was getting into the Audi. A shootout between the two ensued, and the intruder ran away … leaving his gun behind.

The suspect, identified as DeMonte Jackson, was later taken into custody after showing up at a hospital with a gunshot wound. He faces three felony charges.

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