Indy officer arrested after allegedly deleting messages from phone in death investigation

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INDIANAPOLIS – A 10-year veteran of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) was suspended without pay with a recommendation for termination and subsequently arrested Thursday November 30, 2017, on allegations of computer tampering.

In November of 2015, detectives with the IMPD Special Investigations Unit (SIU) and Internal Affairs Unit began to look into allegations of computer tampering involving 31-year-old Francisco Olmos. This investigation stemmed from Olmos’ off-duty activity at a death investigation crime scene.

After recent advancements in investigative technology with cellular phones, IMPD detectives were finally able to forensically examine the cellphone recovered at the crime scene. This new technology in cellphone investigations was not available to IMPD until August of 2017. The cellphone could now be unlocked, which allowed detectives to view several messages once thought deleted from the phone.

WTTV reported: On Nov. 2, 2015, an 18-year-old female committed suicide at her home. The prosecutor’s office says the woman was an IMPD Explorer and had known Olmos for about nine months. Court documents show Olmos told investigators that he and the woman communicated almost every day.

Olmos told investigators he had come to the woman’s home to check on her after becoming concerned about not receiving a response from her after multiple attempts. The victim was found dead by her father.

Olmos asked for her phone, and the father gave it to him. Prosecutors say he then accessed several apps within the phone to delete messages and then left the phone at the home.

Internal Affairs investigators submitted their findings of the administrative investigation to Chief Bryan Roach. After reviewing the internal investigation, Chief Roach immediately suspended Olmos without pay on November 30th, with a recommendation for termination to be considered by the IMPD Merit Board. The chief’s decision was based upon a preponderance of the evidence from the information gathered during the internal investigation. IMPD officers facing termination hearings in front of the Merit Board are stripped of all police powers and remain on an unpaid leave status until a final determination of their employment status is decided.

Additionally, SIU detectives submitted their findings of the criminal investigation to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office for a review of criminal charges. Olmos was charged Thursday with one felony and one misdemeanor. He was taken into custody after meeting with Chief Roach about his employment status.