NYPD Investigating After Video Shows Officer Driving on Sidewalk, Nearly Striking Child


The NYPD Internal Affairs has launched an investigation into the reckless behavior of one of the New York’s finest.

The attached video was taken on Wednesday in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn at around 3:15PM on 16th Avenue near 50th Street.

Pedestarins walking on the busy sidewalk were shocked to see an NYPD “Smart Car” barreling dangerously towards them. People dodged out of the way, as the officer took the sidewalk instead of trying to make his way through heavy traffic. One father can been seen pulling his child out of the way to avoid being struck by the police vehicle.

A police source confirmed to Breaking911.com that the officer continued to the NYPD’s 66 Precinct using his lights and sirens on 16th Avenue and 59th Street. He then backed the vehicle into an “angle-parking spot” used for police vehicles, and walked into the building.

Internal affairs is investigating what sort of emergency this officer had which warranted that type of reckless driving.

(Breaking911.com Newsroom)