KC Man Who ‘Terrorized His Neighborhood’ Arrested In Trump Admin’s Operation LeGend

This Glock .40-caliber handgun attached to an extended drum magazine was seized by law enforcement officers at the time of Dorsey's arrest.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A Kansas City, Missouri, man who was arrested after he allegedly shot three victims in an incident this week has been charged in federal court with illegally possessing a firearm during an earlier firearm incident.

“Court documents cite a long history of gun violence and drug trafficking by this defendant who terrorized his neighborhood, allegedly shooting several victims this week,” Garrison said. “This is his second federal charge for illegally possessing firearms. Operation LeGend is successfully taking armed, violent criminals like this off the street to make our neighborhoods safer.”

Leamandreal Dorsey, 40, was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm in a complaint filed under seal in the U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Mo. That complaint was unsealed and made public today following Dorsey’s arrest and initial court appearance.

Today’s federal criminal complaint charges Dorsey with illegally possessing a firearm following a threat to shoot event that occurred on April 1, 2020. Dorsey is charged with possessing a Glock .40-caliber handgun attached to an extended drum magazine that contained 40 live rounds of ammunition.

On April 1, 2020, Kansas City, police officers responded to a reported weapons disturbance in the 2500 block of East 68th Terrace. One of Dorsey’s neighbors told officers that Dorsey pointed a gun at him and threatened him. Officers contacted Dorsey at Dorsey’s residence, sitting on the roof of a black Mercedes-Benz C300. According to the affidavit, Dorsey jumped into the driver’s seat when officers approached. Dorsey was removed from his vehicle and taken into custody. The owner of the vehicle provided consent for the officers to search the car, and they found a backpack in the passenger’s seat that contained the Glock .40-caliber handgun attached to an extended drum magazine, as well as a spare magazine.

Although this incident occurred on April 1, Dorsey was arrested following a separate shooting incident that occurred this week in which three individuals were wounded by gunfire.

According to an affidavit filed in support of the federal criminal complaint, Kansas City, Missouri, police officers were dispatched to the 2500 block of E. 68th Terrace at about 1 a.m. on Wednesday, July 22, concerning a shooting. Six individuals were on the front porch of a residence, the affidavit says, when an individual later identified as Dorsey started shooting at them. According to the victims, Dorsey walked away, but returned minutes later and began shooting again, then fled on foot. Three of the individuals were struck by gunfire and transported to Research Medical Center. Investigators found 31 spent shell casings at the scene.

Later the same day, investigators received a Crime Stoppers tip that identified Dorsey as the shooter.

Under federal law, it is illegal for anyone who has been convicted of a felony to be in possession of any firearm or ammunition. Dorsey has a prior felony conviction for being a felon in possession of a firearm, for which he served three years in federal prison. He also has two prior felony convictions for unlawful use of a weapon, two prior felony convictions for possession of a controlled substance, and a prior felony conviction for drug trafficking.

Today’s affidavit also cites four previous instances in which Dorsey pointed firearms at people and threatened them. Among those incidents, the affidavit says, Dorsey shot a man in the hip who was running from Dorsey’s residence following a disagreement.

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