LAPD Says Man Who Tackled Dave Chappelle on Stage Pulled Replica Gun on The Comedian


CALIFORNIA – Comedian Dave Chappelle was tackled by a crazed man at his Hollywood Bowl performance Tuesday night.

According to the LAPD: “On May 3, 2021, around 10:40 p.m., a comedian was performing at the Hollywood Bowl and had finished his act. As he was exiting the stage a male, who was part of the audience, jumped onto the stage and tackled the comedian to the ground. The suspect produced what was later discovered to be a replica handgun and pointed the item at the victim. Hollywood Bowl uniformed security officers, who witnessed the incident, engaged the suspect and removed him from the victim and took him into custody.

Hollywood officers responded to a call for service and took control of the suspect. The replica handgun that also contained a knife blade was recovered and later processed as evidence. The suspect was arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon. He was transported to a local hospital to treat injuries sustained during the altercation with security. The victim was not injured as a result of the assault. The suspect was treated and cleared to be processed by medical staff.”

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