Maine Caretaker Accused of Killing Grandmother and Significant Other


A woman from Denmark, Maine in Oxford County stands accused of the murder of two individuals, identified as her grandmother and partner.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to a home on Fuller Lane around 2 p.m. last Saturday to conduct a welfare check on the occupants. Upon arrival, they discovered the lifeless bodies of both people inside. Tzara Jones, 53, was subsequently taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation before being charged with two counts of murder.

Prosecutors on Monday revealed the identities of the victims as Aremean Mayo, 93, Jones’ grandmother, and Michael Willett, 69, identified as Jones’ significant other.


According to court documents, upon initial police inquiry at the residence, Jones falsely claimed that Willett was out hunting. However, authorities quickly found out that Willett was wheelchair-bound and incapable of participating in such activities.

Court documents indicate Jones’ uncooperative behavior when asked to agree to a search of the residence for both Mayo and Willett. She reportedly told a Sheriff’s Office sergeant, “he was a Mongol and to get down on his knees and pray.” A search¬†uncovered Willett’s body on a bed and Mayo’s body in the entry room, partially on a bed. Both victims had sustained multiple stab wounds to the chest, with a blood-covered butcher-style knife found near Mayo’s body.

The court documents further detail the gruesome nature of the crime, indicating that Mayo had been stabbed at least 10 times, both before and after her demise, which investigators estimate occurred more than 24 hours prior to the discovery of her body. Willett had been stabbed three times and had also been deceased for over 24 hours.

In statements to the police, a family member of Jones revealed that she and Willett had shared a residence for years, with Mayo moving in with them in July 2023. The family member also conveyed Jones’ expressed fatigue in caring for both Willett and Mayo but refused assistance from the family in looking after Mayo.

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