Murderer Who Preyed On Older Women Killed By Cellmate In Texas Prison


On Tuesday morning, a man accused of murdering nearly two dozen older women and who had been convicted last year in the deaths of two of them was killed by his cellmate in a Texas prison, officials said.

Billy Chemirmir, 50, was discovered deceased in his cell, Hannah Haney, a spokesperson for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said. Haney confirmed that Chemirmir’s cellmate, who is currently serving a sentence for murder, was identified as the perpetrator. However, she refrained from disclosing the cellmate’s identity or providing details about the method used to kill Chemirmir.

Authorities had previously alleged that Chemirmir targeted older women in the Dallas area over a span of two years, causing their deaths and stealing their valuable possessions. Repeatedly, their fatalities were initially attributed to natural causes, even as concerned family members raised suspicions about missing jewelry. Chemirmir was apprehended after a 91-year-old woman survived an attack in 2018 and told police that he had forcibly entered her apartment at an independent living community for seniors, attempted to suffocate her with a pillow, and stole her jewelry.

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