MUST WATCH: Vehicle Theft Suspect Attempts to Flee From LA Cops on a Skateboard


Los Angeles, California — On February 13, 2023, around 6:00 a.m., Southwest Division uniformed patrol officers responded to a radio call at Flower Street and Jefferson Avenue for a stolen vehicle investigation. The officers arrived at the location but were unable to locate the person reporting the crime. The officers remained in the vicinity of the radio call and observed a truck with an attached trailer that matched the description of the stolen vehicle at Exposition Boulevard and Western Avenue. After verifying the description of the truck, the officers broadcast they were following the stolen vehicle with one occupant (later identified as Pedro Villalobos).

The officers requested back-up units, a supervisor, and an Air Unit. Villalobos made a southbound turn onto Hoover Street from 40th Place. While turning southbound, the attached trailer struck a parked vehicle and continued south on Hoover Street. The officers broadcast the initiation of a vehicle pursuit. Villalobos attempted an eastbound turn onto 42nd Street from southbound Flower Street; however, he lost control of the truck causing it to swerve and stop on the east side of the intersection. The primary officers and responding units conducted a high risk stop on Villalobos. Villalobos failed to comply with the officers’ commands, exited the vehicle, and fled on a skateboard south on Flower Street.

Several officers pursued Villalobos on foot while additional units drove past Villalobos’ position. One of the officers that drove past Villalobos exited his police vehicle and attempted to grab Villalobos as he passed on his skateboard. Villalobos moved his shoulder forward to avoid the officer’s grasp, causing the officer to make contact with his upper back area. The contact caused Villalobos to lose his balance and fall. Officers took Villalobos into custody and discovered he had an injury to his right leg. Villalobos was transported by Rescue Ambulance to a local hospital where he was treated for his injuries and admitted. No officers or citizens were injured during the incident.

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